Information for sailors

Whatsapp Group for participants

Use this link to join the Regatta Whatsapp Group for official notices and community chat.


Harbour Plan


House Rules

  1. The port area is gated with one entrance that opens with a keycard. Each team gets one keycard to share.

  2. The Sailor’s Village is open to all sailors participating in the regatta. Follow the Agenda for opening times.

  3. The Race Office, situated in the Sailor’s Village, will be open for registration on 30 July and 1 Aug. During race days it is opened in the morning from 9:00 and after the race.

  4. Breakfast (porridge and coffee), lunch (take-away sandwich) and after-sail meal (soup and bread) are served each race day for all participating sailors. There is a cafe opened offering extra snacks and drinks for purchase. You will have coupons for the sandwich in the welcome package.

  5. Each sailor will have 2 free beers per day. After that you can purchase €2 beers from the Sailor’s Village bar. There is also a more extensive drink menu available in the cafe. The drink coupons are also in the welcome package.

  6. Restrooms are located outside the Sailors’ Village and are clearly signed. Showers and sauna are situated in a separate building. Please follow the signs or check the map.

  7. Smoking is allowed in the Sailor’s Village ONLY in the designated area. Please be mindful of others and only smoke there.

  8. Please keep the area clean. Follow the signs on the bins for recycling. Let the team know if there are any issues.

  9. If you don’t have any charging station in your boat, it is possible to leave your device charging in the Race Office if there is a free plug.

  10. We use reusable dishes and cutlery. Follow the instructions on signs. Please use the stickers to hold on to your drinking cup.

  11. Drinking tap water is fine in Tallinn. We also have a water dispenser in the Sailor’s Village. Please bring your own water bottle.

  12. Please note that there is ongoing construction in the port area and in many areas in Tallinn city centre. Apologies for any inconvenience.